Have you made a Will?  Have you reviewed it in the past 5 years to reflect changes in your circumstances?

A suitable, well drafted will is the cornerstone of good planning. It is a document that every adult should consider making as soon as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, writing a will is not a simple task and if it is to be done properly, it must be done by a competent professional with the requisite experience. Have you made a Will? Have you reviewed in the past 5 years to reflect changes in your circumstances?  

  • If you want to decide who inherits your wealth, you must make a Will. If you die without a Will, the government will decide for you and your family may face lengthy delays in receiving their inheritance
  • The government would choose guardians for any children under 18 if there is no Will.
  • Common-law’ partners may get nothing unless a Will is in place 


Do you know how you can use a trust in your Will to protect your assets for your family?

A Will trust can:

  • Ensure your assets pass directly down to future generations and prevent ‘sideways disinheritance’ for your children when a surviving spouse remarries and then dies before their second partner.
  • Protect your children’s assets against any future divorce or bankruptcy  proceedings they may face
  • Help protect your assets from being used up in care home fees (currently costing up to £569 per week
  • Trusts are not just for the very wealthy! Everyone should consider the benefits to their family of protecting their wealth through a Will trust.


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